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Experiencing Trouble?

Please fill in this form.  We will contact you.

Tenant Information and updates:

Protect your family from lead: (Click on link)

In most cases, the tenant is responsible for trash payments - yearly or quarterly.  Have you paid?

Office hours , Mon -Wed -Fri  12.30PM-3.30PM 

Per your lease, rent can be paid at the bank.  Please review your lease for bank information.

Main Phone: 859-663-2620. We do "NOT" receive txts at this number.  If you call, please leave a message explaining your issue.  For best response, we suggest sending an email to or txting to the number below.

Txt (ONLY): 513-549-2620 (voice messages are not accepted or heard)

Rent can be paid via $Cashapp using your phone or a computer.  For a computer, click this link .  Transfer payments to $PLPPcash.  The transfer can take a couple of days or could fail, so plan accordingly.   A failed transfer is considered "unpaid" rent.   We give credit for the payment based on when it is actually is deposited into our bank account,  When inputting your rent amount, in the "for" or "memo" field, please make sure you type in your property address.   


Confused?  Google "Cash app setup instructions"   

Paying with a credit card is an option (3.5% "minimum fee" of total charge will apply).

Thanks! Your Service Request was recieved.

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